Why Kathleen Allen?

Kathleen is an experienced leader and a proud mom who will fight for our community values of honesty, responsibility, and progress.

Kathleen knows that Georgia families face great challenges and that entrenched establishment politicians have been making it harder for families to prosper.  The state’s unemployment rate continues to be higher than that of most other states and too many Georgians who are employed do not make a living wage and struggle to make ends meet.

Kathleen Allen is a progressive candidate who supports single-payer healthcare, investing in our future through public schools, reducing our unemployment rate by supporting and fostering local business and innovation and green infrastructure.  She supports raising the minimum wage as well as encouraging employers to pay a living wage to support Georgia families and grow the middle class.

Kathleen Allen's husband, Eric, talks to voters about Kathleen's candidacy for U.S. House of Representatives Georgia 7th.