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I don’t want to tell our community what to care about.
I want to know what you care about so that I truly represent everyone in our district.
— Kathleen Allen

Why I'm Running

I am honored to take this journey with YOU, the constituents of our District, whether you vote for me or not, whether you donate to my campaign or not. My hope is that I can address the needs and priorities of our District as your elected U.S. Representative, I will also be mindful of our state, our nation, and our world. To do this, I will listen to you, and ask questions to better understand your needs, priorities, and concerns. And I promise, if I don’t know the answer to your question off the top of my head, I will research the answer and respond to you at my first opportunity.

I care. I care about the families and children in our community. That is why I have focused my volunteer time and effort in my children’s Title I public schools, which have high percentages of children from low-income families. My experience has been that schools benefit from active parental involvement, but I recognize that not all working parents have the flexibility my employer has provided me, to be able to volunteer during school hours. So, I commit each year to support our local public schools by serving on the PTA and working with other nonprofit organizations that serve our student body.

It was through my children’s classmates that I became aware of the number of Gwinnett County students living precariously in Extended Stay motels. I have since become an advocate for protecting these residents from homelessness. I now work with a variety of local nonprofits who serve to prevent and remedy homelessness in our community.

I’ve spent my career in managed healthcare and related software industries, as an independent contributor managing complex projects with diverse teams, to deliver services and deliverables within strict time and budget constraints. My 22+ years of experience, in a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare organizations, has allowed me to develop an appreciation for the complexity of the healthcare economy and the need to balance the health and well-being of Americans with our nation’s financial interests.

I bring to the U.S. House of Representatives an understanding that Congress functions best when its Members ask the right questions, listen with an open mind to all the answers given, and then work collaboratively to address the nation’s issues.

No single Member of Congress is the boss; It is a team of 435 Individual Contributors in the House and 100 in the Senate. Each Member must be willing to learn the details of proposed legislation before voting on any bill or amendment. I’ve managed DC lobbyists and know that theirs are not the only voices that must be heard to develop effective legislation. I’ve written policies and procedures, and worked within organizations to see the outcome of such policy development, and am committed to the same depth of preparation in the House.

I am ready for the challenge to make the RIGHT choices for Georgia.

I am grateful for your interest and hope you’ll join me on this journey.


Hashtag Kathleen Can

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To vote is the most important thing our government asks of us.
It is our voice.
— Kathleen Allen

Meet Kathleen Allen

Kathleen Allen believes in empowering people to live their best life possible. Her professional experience and role as a community advocate and leader are how she will address the needs and priorities of the 7th District, representing our values by living hers, with honesty, empathy, diligence, and perseverance.

Growing up in farm country, Kathleen learned the value of diversity and how it strengthens a community. While attending Claremont McKenna College, she experienced the benefit of differing opinions, rigorous debate, and perseverance. Majoring in government, Kathleen was selected as an intern for former Rep. Leon Panetta (D-CA) who taught her that the first duty of a representative is to listen, a value she lives every day.

During her 23-year career in managed health care, Kathleen has seen the problems people face accessing, paying for, and keeping health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act Exchanges. Working for companies such as Integrated Healthcare Partners, she has the industry experience, and unique insight needed to understand America's complex healthcare system, what doesn't work, and what solutions will. Stopping the current administration's dismantling of our healthcare system isn't enough. Kathleen has the 'know-how' and perseverance needed to establish a national healthcare system guaranteeing everyone has access to comprehensive care. That’s why she’s our first choice for healthcare!

As founder of Paid in America, a non-profit, Kathleen’s team is building an app to assist consumers and job seekers in finding companies that pay a living wage. She values the role government, public, private, and nonprofit partnerships share to benefit and strengthen our community and the impact one person can make.

She has volunteered with the PTA throughout her children's public schools education and co-authored a winning grant proposal for Gardens4GrowingCommunity in 2016 to promote agricultural education in a local school. When a city ordinance targeted local families who struggle with homelessness, whose children attend our local schools, Kathleen galvanized family, friends, neighbors, community leaders, and local government to work together to protect the families and overturn the ordinance. That’s why she’s our first choice for education!

Kathleen has lived in Norcross with her husband and two children for twelve years. During this time she has lived her values applying a lifetime of experience to enriching the Georgia 7th. Most recently, Kathleen was offered the opportunity to serve on the board of directors for Project Community Connections, Inc., a non-profit which provides advocacy, support services, and housing programs to help homeless individuals and families obtain and keep sustainable housing.

Kathleen will effectively represent our diverse district because she values listening to the people who live here, whether they are new immigrants or their families have lived here for generations. She knows that a Representative requires perseverance and diligence when working with those of differing viewpoints, and to come together regardless of party, ensuring the best interests of the people of Georgia and our nation are met. That’s why she’s our first choice for immigration!

Kathleen’s candidacy is a culmination of her professional and community experiences, her values, and her investment in our community. Kathleen Allen is the most qualified candidate to elect as representative of our district and represents us by representing our values. That’s why she’s our first choice as Representative of the 7th District!

Hashtag Kathleen Can

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The greatest progress we have ever made in this country is when we've had the most collaboration in support of the strongest values.
— Kathleen Allen

Why Kathleen Allen?

Kathleen Allen is a proud Democrat and an experienced non-profit leader and community advocate. She is dedicated to trans-formative healthcare reform, empowering the American workforce, and honest and empathetic representation of all constituents in Georgia’s 7th District.

Kathleen knows that Georgia families face great challenges and that entrenched establishment politicians have been making it harder for families to prosper. The state’s unemployment rate continues to be higher than that of most other states and too many Georgians who are employed do not make a living wage and struggle to make ends meet.

Kathleen Allen is a progressive candidate who supports single-payer healthcare, investing in our future through public schools, reducing our unemployment rate by supporting and fostering local business and innovation and green infrastructure. She supports raising the minimum wage as well as encouraging employers to pay a living wage to support Georgia families and grow the middle class.

Hashtag Kathleen Can
Kathleen Allen's husband, Eric, talks to voters about Kathleen's candidacy for U.S. House of Representatives Georgia 7th.