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Community Endorsements

Our Revolution

We are excited to join Grassroots Gwinnett in endorsing Kathleen Allenfor U.S. Congress in Georgia’s 7th district. Kathleen is a community advocate and non-profit leader who supports single-payer healthcare, paid maternity leave, and the #FightFor15. She also advocates expanding early childhood education, closing for-profit prisons and detention centers, and renegotiating trade deals so that they benefit and protect workers over executives and shareholders.

Grassroots Gwinnett

We at Grassroots Gwinnett are very excited to announce that we endorse Kathleen Allen for U.S. Congress in district 7. Kathleen is a dedicated progressive whose background working in managed health care for 23 years has emboldened her on issues of healthcare. She is willing to fight Trump to maintain our advancement in healthcare with the ACA, but also believes that we could do more in that process. Kathleen is the only candidate in the 7th advocating for Medicare for all. Kathleen also understands the need for a living wage and that large corporations do not need tax breaks to provide a decent wage with decent benefits.

Kathleen is the only candidate pushing for goals such as better sex education, paid maternity leave up to 8 weeks, including for those in minimum-wage jobs, Low-Cost Domestic Adoption System, and subsidizing early childhood education. Kathleen has also forcefully articulated her belief that Black Lives Matter. Kathleen has a myriad of goals that we hold dear to our hearts. In the climate that we are in as a nation, we no longer need a tepid approach to issues that affect millions of American’s lives. We want a candidate with vison who will fight to get us to where we need to be.

Personal Endorsements

My friend, Kate...

I met Kathleen Allen around 6 years ago at our local elementary school. We got to know each other much better as we served together on the board for our Norcross ES PTA for the following 3 years. We have also lived in the same community now for that whole time and cross paths regularly. As a family who considers the Allen family our friends, and who know each other from a mostly community standpoint, I want to share with you what I have observed.

As a wife, I have been impressed and challenged by her approach to marriage. I have never heard her utter an unkind word about Eric, but words of respect and appreciation for the man she has chosen to spend her life and raise a family with - both for their differences and what they share in common.

As a mom, I have seen her discipline, encourage, and affirm both of her children. She consistently reminds them of the importance of loving and respecting those who share life with them and to stand up for the weaker individuals around them. They are effectively raising kind, empathetic, and compassionate children who will soon be young adults.

As a daughter, she has her father living with and very involved in their lives. They seem to have a strong bond and a well-functioning, integrated, and mutually beneficial setup. We love being invited to dinner, and generally Pop is cooking!!

As a friend, I have experienced up close and from a distance, as she and her family enter into difficult scenarios to be a friend and a help to their immediate communities (schools and neighborhood). We have also been the beneficiaries of many dinners and parties, which are always a blast, and amazing opportunities for meeting new and different people!

In short, it is no surprise at all that Kathleen is now running for office. It seems the next step in the natural progression of her personal and familial investment into her/our community. While we have major differences in our approach to spiritual beliefs, they have never gotten in the way of our friendship. On the contrary, our shared high value of family and community, and therefore service in these areas of life are what make our relationship special. Consequently, they are what make her an excellent candidate for public office.

Thank you,
Betsy Rowell

Hi Kathleen,

Even though we may disagree on issues, I wanted to thank you for your generosity for letting me join your conversation. It was very kind of you to engage in the respectful dialogue, which we need more of in this country. It's broken my heart to see how much the dialogue has slipped into arguments and name calling.

It has been a long time since I have spoken to someone about politics, let alone politics of a different opinion. I commend you on your respectful tone and thoughtful responses.

I wish you the best of luck and if you do make it to the general election, enough though I am a Republican, I will vote for you simply as a gesture for the willingness to speak with me during your meeting.

Thank you!

Forsyth County Resident

As A New Mom,

I support Kathleen because we simply have got to do better. As a conservative, the impact of not having comprehensive education for all children regardless of race/socio-economic status is insurmountable.

Providing healthcare to all is a basic human need, we may not all agree upon the means of how we get there, but the need itself is undeniable and solutions debated.

Kate supports families! The core values which would make this world a more loving, accepting, nurturing place to live is key to Kate’s campaign. She is not your typical politician, yet she comes to the table with experience few, if any, politicians would have.

We have got to create a world in which my child, and yours, can be kids. A world where the color of your skin does not prevent you from having good teachers, warm food, somewhere to live, and a dream to aspire to. We all must acknowledge that if we do our part and we elect officials to do theirs we can (we must!) be better as a whole.

Aimee Hontz Rodrigues
Suwanee, GA

In My Corner, But Not In My Neighborhood

I have another long-term friend. We met in those dreaded middle school years and grew closer through high school and beyond. We ended up going to the Claremont Colleges together. She’s that feisty sort of friend who’ll tell you how it is and she’ll stand up for you even if she doesn’t always agree with you. Everyone needs a friend like that. She’s also incredibly loving and supportive and very smart. She’s a really good person to have in your corner. I was the matron-of-honor at her wedding. She also married a really good guy and they are raising two great kids. Unfortunately, they’re doing it on the opposite side of the continent from me.

Some people might question why we have remained friends so long. In some ways, we are very different. She’s a Liberal Democrat in the very red state of Georgia, a full-time working mom, an Atheist, and she can curse with the best of any sailor. I was a SAHM for many years, married young, and am a devout Christian who chooses my language much more conservatively. On the surface, we don’t have as much in common as we might have with other friends. But this is a girl who has always tried to stand in my corner, offer whatever help she is able to give, and loves me regardless of our differences.

That’s what a true friend does. We’re both active volunteers in our communities and schools. We both have a tendency to stick up for the little guy and support the under dog. She is honest, hard-working, and trustworthy. Those are qualities I hope I share with her.

Her community activism has led her to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in the next election. Not the easiest thing to do for a Liberal Democrat in Georgia.

-Leah Koldewyn
My Cup of Cocoa Blog - posted July 28, 2017 on International Friendship Day

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PAC Endorsements

Disability Action for America

Disability Action is proud to announce our endorsement of Kathleen Allen for Congress.

Freethought Equality Fund

Hashtag Kathleen Can